Computer Eye Strain A Problem?

If you work at a Personal Computer for at least 2 hours a day, there is a very good chance that you suffer from a number of eye and vision-related problems. This group of problems is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

CVS includes eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, irritated and tired eyes, and also headaches. Neck and back aches are common problems that are related to the way you use your eyes at the computer.

Good News: Good Eye Care as well as improvements in the ergonomics of your work station can help a lot in minimizing CVS.

Because the way you use your eyes at the computer is quite different from the way you use your eyes while driving or reading, many computer users require a pair of eyeglasses specifically made for computer use. These specialized computer glasses have a different prescription and/ or a different lens design as compared to your everyday jack-of-all-trades eyeglasses.

If you wear bifocals or no-line bifocals, both these lenses usually do not work well for computer use. Bifocals with lines are usually the worst! The best solution for you is a specialized glare-free computer lens made to your specific visual needs, different in prescription as well as lens design than your everyday glasses.

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  1. Interesting. Do these problems stem from the light from the computer screen? I am wondering if the same problem can happen looking at any illuminated screen, such as tvs or smart phones.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for the question. CVS is caused by a number of problems including incorrect prescription for viewing computer screens, lack of blinking causing dry eyes, etc. Generally, the lighting isn’t really an issue, particularly if the lighting is bright enough so the eyes aren’t straining to view the text. Often, people do not regularly relax their eyes and take breaks, which leads to several issues. We similar issues with TV watching, as noted in our post: TV And Your Eyes.

  2. Good article, but I don’t really understand what is this “glare-free computer lens made to your specific visual needs”.

    • Thank you for your comment! A “glare-free computer lens” is a eye-glass lens which has an anti-reflective coating on it. Anti-relfective lenses produce less glare, which is noticeable when working in front of a computer monitor or driving at night. Increased glare can make your eyes tired more easily, while reducing glare can make driving at night or reading/computer use more comfortable. Further, increased light passing through the lens increases contrast which makes it easier for your eyes to view things clearly in general.

      Because the anti-reflective coating is something added onto your lenses, you still need a lens that is suited for your specific prescription and visual needed. There are different types of lens material – e.g. polycarbonate, high-index lenses etc. – and there are different visual needs – e.g. bifocal lenses. Even if an anti-reflective coating is added to your lenses, you still need specific glasses made to suit your personal visual needs.

      I hope this answers your question!

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