How to Choose the Right Eye Glasses for You

Choosing the right eye glasses can be daunting. Colour, shape, design,  fit and lenses can all impact the way you use your eye glasses, and the way your frames enhance your face. At Dr. Walji’s Eye Care Clinic, we consider all aspects of your face (shape, eye/skin colour, etc.), your lifestyle (e.g. active and outdoors, in front of a computer screen, etc.) and your personal preferences to carefully design the right glasses for you.

One way to get a sense of what the right glasses for you is to use the interactive guide we’ve provided below. By answering questions on your age, gender, lifestyle and hobbies, we can generate ideas on what types of glasses will best suit your individuality. Print out the results, and bring them to our clinic for a consultation!

Click here to launch the interactive  Eye Glasses Guide.

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