Insight Into Eyesight: TV and Your Eyes

Your favourite TV show is on the screen, but why is the picture out of focus? Maybe it’s not the picture. Maybe it’s your eyes. Watching TV for long periods of time can cause eye fatigue. But TV watching is not harmful to the eyes.

To give your eyes a break when watching TV, you should be sitting at least six feet away from the screen. One guide is to sit at a distance that is five times the width of the picture. And don’t sit in the dark. It’s not good for your eyes. There should be light in the room, but not bright enough to wash out the TV picture. Move the light of the TV so that is doesn’t cause a reflection or glare in the TV screen.

The set should be in perfect focus. If you have done all you can to get a clear picture, but still have trouble seeing it well, maybe it is time for an eye examination.

Corrective glasses or contact lenses or a new prescription will put you eyes where you want them to be: back in the picture-clear and sharp.

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Insight into Eyesight is a series of short informative articles on eye care that have been published in the Markham Economist and Sun for over a decade. To read more of these articles, please click on the Insight to Eye Sight link in the Categories section on the right of the page.

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