My, What Beautiful Eyes You have!

Cosmetics can add sparkle to your look. However, eye makeup should be worn properly to avoid infections.


  • Wear your contact lenses before applying cosmetics; remove lenses before taking off makeup (Contact lenses are – “First in and First Out”)
  • Use makeup that is water soluble. Oil-based products can leave behind thick, dry residue which could irritate your eyes and also damage contact lenses.
  • Careful with the thick, lash-building mascara. Its dry-coating may flake, and the tiny fibres could irritate your eyes.
  • Remove all makeup daily using an oil-free, hypo-allergenic makeup remover.
  • Mascara and eyeliner spoil quickly and should be replaced every 3-6months.
  • Do not apply eyeliner to your lower lid – it is usually the cause of irritation and discomfort from makeup applications.
  • If you see any redness, pain, swelling, discharge, or feel an unusual irritation, you may be coming up with a sty or some other eye infection. Have your eyes checked without delay.

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