Thinking About Laser Eye Surgery? But, Don’t want the Risks of Surgery?

Thinking About Laser Eye Surgery? But, Don’t want the Risks of Surgery?

Discover the Safety and Effectiveness of The Gentle Vision Improvement System!

“Advance Ortho-K” is the Gentle, Effective, Simple, and Safe Vision Improvement Program free from any potential risks and permanent long-term side effects of laser eye surgery.  At present, the long-term side effects of laser surgery are not fully known. Laser Eye Surgery is not recommended for children. Only Advance Ortho-K has been proven to be safe for Children.

Over a Million patients have already benefitted from this remarkable Gentle Vision improvement Technology. Successful Orth0-K patients include Children, Students, Teachers, Athletes, Firefighters, Pilots, Police Officers, and ordinary Adult Patients who just lead active lifestyles.

Most patients wear comfortable, custom fitted, Oxygen-permeable contact lenses at night while sleeping, and remove them in the daytime. All during the day they see normally, and in most cases, have 20.20 vision without their eye glasses or contact lenses. A few patients need to wear these lenses only occasionally.

Imagine going about your day with no glasses and no contact lenses and being able to see normally! Into the swimming pool everybody!

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