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High Technology has dramatically improved today’s spectacle frames. The frame is the “carrier” that holds your lenses in place within your eyeglasses. Gone are the days of heavy, oversized, uncomfortable frames that fit poorly and turned dirty green in color.

Today, spectacle frames can be made from metals that will bend, twist and contort without breaking. These are a must for children and active adults who need durability.

Frames that are made from other metals are stronger and weigh half the weight of traditional frames made from aluminum.

Rimless frames offer elegant styles and maximum comfort in you wear glasses all your waking hours.

If you perspire excessively or may have skin allergies to metals, look for metals that will not turn green or you could wear frames made from non-allergenic plastics.

Next time you plan our purchasing new spectacles, call us to make an appointment for consultation. We have a wide selection of spectacles to choose from. You only have one pair of eyes; so why not take proper care of them.

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