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Could You Have A Hidden Disability?

brown haired woman fit for glasses

One out of four ‘normal’ children and seven out of ten so called ‘juvenile delinquents’ have vision problem serious enough to interfere with their ability to achieve their maximum learning potential at school.

Vision is more than healthy eyes and 20/20 eyesight. You need over 20 visual abilities to process all your incoming visual information. For example, eye movement control, focusing rapidly from near to far and back, sustained clear focus, eye teaming ability, depth perception, visual muscles integration, form perception, visual memory and many others.

Not ALL routine eye examinations include assessment of all of these visual abilities.For ALL students, young a mature, who need to read extensively, for athletes, drivers and computer users alike, and for anyone who uses their eyes for any length of time at school or work, we highly recommend you visit our Optometry Practice and have an in-depth examination of your reading efficiency and maximum vision potential.

Your ‘hidden disability’ may just as well be in retrospect!