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Insight Into Eyesight: You’re Not Getting Older…You’re Getting Better

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You are probably taking vitamins to stay strong, walking to keep your spine and muscles healthy, and eating less fat and more fibre to stay in tip-top shape. Well, here are some tips for your eyes to stay healthy as your get older.

  • Increase your lighting levels. Mature eyes need more light to see.
  • Wear sunglasses which offer 100% ultra-violet light protection outside during the day. This will help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Have the right eyeglasses for the right job. You may need different glasses for night driving you for your hobbies, sports and playing music.
  • Keep car headlights, tail lights, and mirrors clean and properly adjusted.
  • Be aware of any symptoms of eye problems. For example, look for blurred vision, seeing spots (unless you have a Dalmatian!), seeing floating, double vision, a decrease in side vision, pain, redness of the eye and seeing halos or coloured rings around lights.

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t delay in having your eyes examined right away. However, don’t forget that eye conditions and diseases can progress without warning, so it is important to have regular eye exams whether the symptoms exist or not.

Insight into Eyesight is a series of short informative articles on eye care that have been published in the Markham Economist and Sun for over a decade. To read more of these articles, please click on the Insight to Eye Sight link in the Categories section on the right of the page.