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Insight Into Eyesight: Vitamins for Vision

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Vitamin A: is known as the “Eye Vitamin”. It prevents Night Blindness, helps to recover from glare during the day, reduces conjunctivitis (pink eye) and prevents eyes from drying out.

The B Vitamins: prevents excessive sensitivity to the sun, improves focusing ability. Some evidence shows it may also slow down the formation of cataracts.

Vitamin C: keeps the lens of the eye healthy and functioning normally for best focusing and sharp vision. It also prevents exophthalmus (bluging eyes).

Vitamin D and Calcium: these two nutrients work best together.  They have been shown to reduce myopia, and age-related changes such as glaucoma and cataracts. Sunlight is by far the best source of Vitamin D.

Vitamin E: has been shown to be useful in the diminishing of vision that so often comes with advancing age. Wheat germ is the most abundant source of Vitamin E.