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Insight Into Eye Sight: Discover the RGP Advantage

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Most people who wear contact lenses, wear soft (flexible) contact lenses. Did you know that very often Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) lenses may be a better alternative for you than soft lenses. Here are just a few reasons:

1. Long Term Comfort: Although may initially take longer than soft lenses to fully adapt to (1-3 weeks compared to 1-3 hours), the long-term comfort of properly fitted RGP lenses can be BETTER than that of soft lenses.

2. Excellent Crisp Vision: Rigid lenses do not “wrinkle” on a microscopic level and hence, focus light better than soft lenses, for better vision.

3. RGPs allow more oxygen to pass onto your corneas and that means better eye health even after many years of wearing contacts.

4. Because of their high rigidity, they hold the cornea from bulging forward slightly, thus used in ortho-keratology to control and reduce near-sightedness (trouble seeing far away).

5. Deposit-resistant surfaces prevent dirty-lenses.

6. RGPs are easier to clean, handle, and maintain than soft lenses.

7. RGPs are more durable and last longer for better value.

8. In the hands of a skillful Optometrist, RGP’s are easily modified, polished and adjusted within the office for maximum instant comfort.

9. Their smooth lens surfaces won’t dry out as quickly as soft lenses may.