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Insight Into Eyesight: Parents’ Attitude Vital

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Ten-year-old Johnnie had trouble seeing the blackboard. He did poorly at little league baseball. He couldn’t focus on the moving ball. An eye examination indicated that Johnnie needed corrective glasses. In a few days Johnnie came home wearing his first pair of glasses. As he entered the front door, Johnnie’s father was obvious about his disappointment. This negativeattitude was devastating to Johnnie’s self esteem.

The greatest problems encountered with children who wear glasses originate from parents – not children. Children are quite willing and sometimes even eager to wear glasses. They are quick to understand that glasses will allow them better vision and thus, give them an easier time in school and at play. The idea that there is something wrong is usually picked up from their parents.

Advice: Try not to express disappointment in your child’s presence if glasses are indicated. For the sake of the child, try to be positive about the visual benefits glasses will afford.