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Insight Into Eyesight: U.V. Protection

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You can hardly pick up a paper these days without reading about ultraviolet radiation. Actually, there are two types of UV. One type tans your skin; the other type, which burns your skin, can also burn the retina and cause cataracts.

When we are upright, our eyebrows help protect the eyes from direct exposure to UV, so we need only be concerned about reflected light. Water, sand and snow can all reflect UV light into our eyes. Since there are no known benefits to UV exposure, it makes good sense to play it safe and protect your eyes. This is especially true for sports people, who spend a lot of time outdoors,or on the water. Many authorities also contend that computer operators are at risk from UV radiation.

Your family optometrist can advise you as to the proper protection you need for your particular lifestyle. If you’re as concerned about UV radiation as I am, why not ask us to supply you with the contact lenses, proper lenses or sunglasses to block out these rays.