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Contact Lenses and Your Child

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Question: “My daughter has been asking for contact lenses. At what age would this be appropriate?”

Answer: Children become suitable candidate for contact lenses when they are ready to accept the responsibility of ongoing care and maintenance involved with contact lenses wear.

It usually depends on the child’s temperament and sense of responsibility. Some can be ready by age 7, others may not be ready until age 10 or even later.

In professional optometry practice, children are fitted with children’s size contact lenses. They are given thorough, unhurried teaching. They are taught how to wear and remove lenses safely and proficiently. And, how to clean and store them so they are ready to use again.

More importantly, they are professionally monitored at their follow-up contact lens checkups. Under such close scrutiny, even young children can successfully enjoy the freedom and convenience of contact lenses.