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Discover the Magic of Advance Ortho-K

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If you are near-sighted (need glasses to see far distances), and wish you could see far without eyeglasses or contact lenses, discover the magic and freedom of Advance Orthokeratology.

Advance Ortho-K is a gentle, simple, and safe Vision Improvement Program free from the potential risks and side effects of surgical laser vision correction.

Hundreds of patients in our optometry practice have already benefited from this remarkable contact lens technology.

Our successful Ortho-K patients include children, firefighters, pilots, police officers, students, teachers, athletes, and patients who just lead busy and active lifestyles.

Most of our patients wear comfortable gas-permeable contact lenses only to sleep at night and remove them in the daytime. All during the day they can see clearly, and in most cases have normal 20/20 unaided vision. A few patients need to wear these lenses only occasionally.

Imagine going through the day with no glasses and no contact lenses and being able to see normally!