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Healthy Eyes Deserve a Competent, Caring, and Friend Eye Care Practice


Here, at your local community’s eye care center, we understand that healthy eyes deserve a competent, caring,and friendly eye care practice. That is why we provide you, our Very Important Person (VIP), with ALL your optometric eye care needs, in one place. Our Mission: to preserve your eyes’ health and eyesight for an entire lifetime.

We provide:

  • Quality, Thorough, Unhurried, Eye Health Examinations
  • Advance Technology Ortho-keratology – Safe and Effective, Natural, Non-surgical, Gentle Vision Improvement Program for myopia and astigmatism
  • Fashionable and Comfortable Eyeglasses including Accessories
  • Most single vision eyeglasses are made within our office premises, so you can Get You Eyeglasses While You Wait.
  • 100% Ultra-violet protection brand-name quality sunglasses.
  • Clear, tinted, bifocals, disposable and ‘fun’ contact lenses
  • Permanent treatment for your Dry, Burning and Red Eyes
  • Vision training therapy for Better Eye Coordination and Better Reading Efficiency
  • Children’s Vision Care
  • Seniors’ Vision Care
  • Computer User’s Vision Care
  • Laser Vision Consultation
  • Professional Eye Care with always a friendly smile
  • See someone you’ve known and trusted for over two decades

Our office will be closed to observe Boxing Day, Christmas and New Year's Day. Please plan accordingly and visit us for your end of year eyewear benefits and eyecare. Call us 844-906-3937. and let your friends know about us!