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Healthy Eyes Deserve a Competent, Caring, and Friend Eye Care Practice

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Here, at your local community’s eye care center, we understand that healthy eyes deserve a competent, caring,and friendly eye care practice. That is why we provide you, our Very Important Person (VIP), with ALL your optometric eye care needs, in one place. Our Mission: to preserve your eyes’ health and eyesight for an entire lifetime.

We provide:

  • Quality, Thorough, Unhurried, Eye Health Examinations
  • Advance Technology Ortho-keratology – Safe and Effective, Natural, Non-surgical, Gentle Vision Improvement Program for myopia and astigmatism
  • Fashionable and Comfortable Eyeglasses including Accessories
  • Most single vision eyeglasses are made within our office premises, so you can Get You Eyeglasses While You Wait.
  • 100% Ultra-violet protection brand-name quality sunglasses.
  • Clear, tinted, bifocals, disposable and ‘fun’ contact lenses
  • Permanent treatment for your Dry, Burning and Red Eyes
  • Vision training therapy for Better Eye Coordination and Better Reading Efficiency
  • Children’s Vision Care
  • Seniors’ Vision Care
  • Computer User’s Vision Care
  • Laser Vision Consultation
  • Professional Eye Care with always a friendly smile
  • See someone you’ve known and trusted for over two decades