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Canada is 144, but Your EYES are only OVER 40

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When the Age Monster comes calling on baby boomers, he gradually and increasingly steals away your ability to read the fine print, because words become difficult to see up close. This “40-and-over” condition is called Presbyopia (“Prez-bye-opia”).

Fortunately, you have more options than ever before to deal with this problem. Reading glasses, whether Full Frames or Franklins (granny glasses) are one option. They work very well, but can be a nuisance to carry around constantly.

For some, Segmented Spectacle Lenses, specifically bifocals, trifocals, or occupational lenses with lines work very well. Others dislike the cosmetics of wearing “visible” bifocals.

Multi-focal or bifocals without lines are not only cosmetically appealing but they are more appropriate for computer users, among others, who need ares-length distance vision. Occasionally, however, some people cannot adapt due to the blur to the side of these lenses.

A modern option is mono-vision or multi-focal contact lenses which provide both distance and near vision as well. These are very good for fitness and sports, for cosmetic wear and for enjoying the convenience of freedom from glasses. Some however, may find it difficult to adapt the vision or comfort of mono-visio or bifocal contact lenses.

Your thorough eye examination including a professional evaluation can ascertain what may be best for you and for all your daily visual requirements.