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On The Road Again…

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Ninety percent of our all-important driving decisions are based on our ability to see with our eyes. So, here are recommendations for safe summer driving.

  • Make sure you are seeing your best. Upgrade your eyewear prescription, if needed, to Maximize Your Vision.
  • Your Depth Perception is your judgment of relative distance. When you are moving fast, as inside a motor vehicle, it is crucial to make correct judgments quickly, regarding relative distances.
  • Night time drivers must not only be able to see in reduced lighting, but also to be able to see in spite of the presence of oncoming headlight glare, and to quickly recover from this glare.
  • Adequate Peripheral Vision is needed while driving to see the ‘big picture’ of the other lanes of traffic, the intersection, the sidewalk, and/or the cyclist lane and not just the road ahead of you.
  • A driver with Proper Eye-Co-ordination is less likely to become fatigued and ‘sleep’ at the wheel than one with a ‘lazy’ eye.
  • People with Colour Vision Deficiencies (usually males) take twice as long to recognize and act on traffic signal lights. Fog or night driving presents a problem to people who have extremely low sensitivity to red light. Plan to drive in the daytime if you are colour deficient.