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Red Eyes? Dry, Itchy, Burning, Watery Eyes? Sensitive to Contact Lens Wearing?


Natural tears within out eyes make our eyes comfortable and healthy by lubricating the inside lining of the eyes and by preventing eye infections. Lack of tears, on the other hand, can cause red eyes, dry, itchy, burning, sensitive and watery eyes.

Common causes of dry eyes are dry environments (both heating in the winter as well as air conditioning in the summer), excessive tear loss from drainage ducts, contact lensesaging, and certain medications including vasoconstrictor eye drops  (like Visine that “take the red out”).

Treatment options include temporary (10-20 minutes) relief with artificial tears or permanent treatment relief with tear duct closure. Excessive use of artificial tears can dry the eyes instead of lubricate them by diluting the nature oils and lubricants within tears.

Permanent Tear Duct Closure is a safe, non-surgical, pain-free and quick procedure that leads to long-lasting relief from red, irritated and dry eyes. This treatment is generally available only from eye doctors who have specialized training in the procedure.

If you have red eyes or suffer from dry, itchy, irritated and burning eyes, call our optometry practice today!

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