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Difficulty Learning? Mysterious Headaches? Head Tilting?

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HYPERPHORIA is a physical mis-alignment of the two eyes so that one eye is set higher in the head than the other.

This condition leads to severe problems with reading and learning, headaches, head titling, neck and shoulder pains, poor posture, and even lower back pain.

Students and adults alike, find themselves losing their place when reading, so they finger-read. Patients find difficulty judging distances, especially driving, where moving objects are concerned, car-sickness, and are usually very poor in athletics because of poor body coordination.

The most telling bodily compensation includes a small tilt of the head. This is done unconsciously in order to avoid double vision. But this head-tilting is what leads to most of the above problems.

An eye examination that addresses solving this common problem includes checking for head tilting, checking for head and body postures, treating with eye patching, measuring the extent of eye compensation, and prescribing a pair of eyeglasses that incorporate special lenses called Prisms. Such a specialized Eye Examination and this treatment usually helps alleviate a great deal of the above problems for both students and adults as well.