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How to Prepare for Your Next Thorough Eye Examination Appointment

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A thorough eye exam is your most valuable tool in ensuring a lifetime of healthy eyes and clear sight. So why not come in prepared with some written notes in advance with the following details:

What concerns exactly are you wanting to have resolved at your eye appointment? Are you experiencing double vision or is it blurred vision, or is it both?

What chronic health condition do you or any of your family members suffer from? High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Lupus, Allergies, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. can all play a role in the health of your eyes.

All Heredity Eye Health problems, like Glaucoma, Keratoconus, etc. can increase one’s probability of acquiring that particular condition.

Names and dosages of all prescription as well as non-prescription medications including birth control pills, and acne medication with tetracyclines is important, since they can affect your eyes. If possible, bring in all current medications with you.

How exactly do you use your eyes at Work, at your Hobbies as well as at Play? Proper eyeglasses can only be prescribed with such details. Otherwise, your eye glasses can be the cause of your poor posture and neck and back problems too! You want to ensure eye comfort with computer use and eye safety in industrial settings as well as when playing home-renovator around the house.