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An Eye-Opening Resolution Worth Keeping

eye test child

Make a resolution to include Eye Health as part of your family’s New Year General Health Plan. Our Optometry Practice supports a public awareness campaign promoting healthy eyes and vision safety.

1. Children should have a thorough optometric eye examination by the age of four.

2. Have your eyes examined without delay if you experience any visual changes, pain, flashes of light, or injuries. Diabetics should have more frequent examinations. African-Canadians are at a higher risk for glaucoma and also require closer monitoring.

3. Always wear protective eye wear during sports and when working with mechanical tools. Ninety percent of such injuries are preventable if only protective eye wear is used.

4. Toys blind children every day. Take sufficient care with toy guns and fireworks, they are the worst for eye injuries in children.

5. Encourage ever member of the family to have their eye health examination. Often those who need it most are the ones who are deprived the most.