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Is Your Child Prepared For Learning?

eye test child

It’s time for your child to have a thorough eye examination to ensure he or she is ready to learn when school begins. Our Eye Care Practice examines the following to ensure good visual efficiency.

  • Visual Acuity is the ability to see objects clearly.
  • Visual Fixation is the ability to aim eyes accurately.
  • Accommodation is the ability to adjust focusing of the eye.
  • Binocular Fusion refers to the brain’s ability to gather information received from each eye separately and form a single, image.
  • Convergence is the ability to turn the two eyes toward each other to look at the same object.
  • Stereopsis is the ability to have critical judgement of the relative distance between two objects.
  • Field of Vision is the area over which reading vision is possible
  • Visual Perception is the total process responsible for the reception and cognition of visual information while reading.

Each one of these eight visual skills are necessary for learning. Call Dr. H Walji Optometrist at 905-471-3937 located in Markham, for your child’s thorough eye examination.