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Helping You Save Your Time AND Money

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Time and Money BOTH, are precious and rare commodities these days. We, at Your Eye Care Centre Understand that. That is why we provide You, Our Very Important Person, with ALL Your Optometric Eye Care Needs in one pretty place!

Furthermore, All our Prices and Professional Fees are in accordance with the competitive Guideline of Fees required by The Ontario Association of Optometrist.

  • Quality, Thorough Eye Health Examinations including Glaucoma check-ups.
  • Ortho-keratology – Safe and Effective, Natural, Non-surgical Vision Improvement Program.
  • Very Attractive and Comfortable Eyeglasses including all Accessories.
  • 100% Ultra-violet A, B and C protection Brand Name Quality Sunglasses.
  • All types of Clear, Tinted, Bifocal, Disposable and Fun Contact Lenses.
  • Effective Treatment for your Dry Eyes.
  • Vision Training Therapy for Better Eye Coordination and Reading Problems.
  • Children’s Vision Care.
  • Senior’s Mature Vision Care.
  • Computer User’s Vision Care.
  • Laser Vision Consultations

There is More, Much More. So, Call Dr. H Walji Optometrist located in Markham, to make an appointment for your eye examination.