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Hyper-phoria Can Be A Pain In The Neck

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Hyper-phoria is an eye condition where one eye tends to look higher than the other eye.

The problem with eyes being out of alignment is similar to your automobile wheels being out of their alignment. You tend to use one more eye than the other eye that works your eyes unevenly. When eyes do no work in sync, but fight against each other, reading becomes extremely difficult.

In most cases of hyper-phoria you compensate for this misalignment by tilting your head to one side, even if slightly, to prevent seeing double vision. In severe cases, you will not only tilt your head but also your neck, the shoulders and your spine as well. This leads to headaches, neck aches, shoulder pains as well as backaches, all stemming from your eye problem!

It is important to have an examination of your eyes’ hyper-phoria if you experience one or more of the above symptoms. To do this, one eye is patched for two days and then the eyes are accessed for hyper-phoria using special lenses called prisms.

If you do have significant hyper-phoria that causes you any of the above symptoms, special prescription eyeglasses with prism lenses are the most common and helpful solution. Additionally, your other benefits include much better reading and learning abilities.