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Seven Reasons Why Our Patients Obtain Their Eyeglasses From Our Optometry Clinic

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  1. YOUR DOCTOR’S UNIQUE INSIGHT ABOUT YOUR EYES: As a patient in this clinic, your Eye Doctor, Dr. H. Walji knows best exactly the nature of eyeglasses that you need to provide you with the very best vision, the best comfort and superior ergonomics based on why you need corrective eyewear and how you will be using your new glasses.
  2. SERVICE AFTER YOU TAKE YOUR GLASSES HOME: Dr. Walji has over 20 years of experience in fitting, adjusting and dispensing eyeglasses and he has the expertise to solve virtually and problem you may encounter after you have taken your glasses home. Guaranteed!
  3. 15 DAY RISK FREE EXCHANGE: Dr. Walji personally guarantees your complete satisfaction. After getting your new eyeglasses, if you decide you don’t like the frame, you can exchange it for another frame. If new lenses are required, a small lab grinding fee will be all that you have to pay for.
  4. STYLE, QUALITY AND DIVERSE SELECTION: Dr. Walji hand picks the frames in his optical boutique and approves the latest fashion styles, quality and durability of all eyeglasses he provides.
  5. FAST SERVICE: Most custom fitted eyeglasses are ready within 7-10 business days, and much sooner if they are stock lens products or if you need them in a hurry.
  6. BEST POSSIBLE VALUE: As a Doctor and a Professional, Dr. Walji only charges a set professional fee and provides materials at his lab cost. This is clearly shown in your receipts.
  7. GUARANTEED CORRECT PRESCRIPTION: If you are having difficulty adapting to the prescription, a complementary vision test will be done to ensure correctness of the prescription.