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Optometrists prepare for back to school

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The Coronavirus or Covid-19 has set back many companies and institutions.

We have been afraid to go to the doctor and as such, frighteningly come to diagnose ourselves in order to avoid potential spread. But in many cases, this is not a good idea (at all) and you should not ignore your eyecare routine needs.

Optometrists have been gearing up now, more than ever, to make sure that eye exams during corona are safe. As such, many optometrists have taken new measures to ensure patient safety.

These safety measures include disinfecting surfaces, wearing masks, and telemedicine has become increasingly not only popular but a necessity. Now that children are back to school, they too must juggle between wearing masks and eyeglasses or come to learn how to wear contact lenses.

Dr. Hafiz Walji services the  Markham and the Greater Toronto area for over thirty years.  We are fully prepared for supporting you during this time. Call us at 905-471-3937  to schedule an appointment today for any matter or concern, big or small.