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Coloured Contacts in Time for Halloween

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Halloween is coming up and we have a lot we wish to scare away this season. While you figure out the best costume and safe Halloween trick or treating 2020 during Corona, we'd like to remind you about safe contact lens wearing.

While coloured contact lenses are a lot of fun, if not even a fashion statement, make sure to see your optometrist, Dr. Walji for the correct prescription and make sure the lens is correct for you.

Don't wonder or assume that just an hour or two will be ok. There are plenty of studies that show how many injuries costume contact lenses can cause. Since our eyes are so unique, it is incorrect to follow packaging that claims that one size fits all or that it was approved by an overall umbrella organization. Contact lenses, if not recommended and prescribed by your doctor can cut, scratch and infect your eye. Contact lenses are customized and tailored to each individual. They come in all different shapes, soft to hard options and a variety of choices from daily use to one day use.

Halloween fun can be great and we hope you find ways to celebrate the holiday despite corona. Optometry continues to be very important to keep your eyes safe from Coronavirus and other germs. Keep yourself safe this Fall to Winter season from spooky bacterial infections such as corneal abrasions, ulcers and keratitis.

Visit Dr. Walji, Optometrist in Markham, Canada to learn more about safe contact lens wearing.