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Insight Into Eyesight: Detecting a Baby’s Vision Problems

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There isn’t much a baby can see clearly when he is first born. He doesn’t have the ability yet to focus quickly or accurately. In the beginning, each eye tends to act independently of the other. It takes a while before he learns how to use both eyes to see well.

As time goes on, if your baby still doesn’t seem to be seeing well, she should have an eye examination. There are certain telltale signs a parent can watch for:

  • Does your child find it difficult to pick up small objects?
  • When she reaches for a toy, does she miss it completely?
  • When she starts to walk and hustle around the house, do you often see her stumbling over things that she should have seen and avoided?

Check to see if she is using both eyes to focus on an object. If she tilts her head to look at something, or squints or closes one eye to look closely at something, there may be a vision problem. An eye examination is the only way you can be sure.